Low self worth can cut you deep. Not just by the thoughts you think about yourself but by the company you keep. Sometimes our opinion of ourselves is reaffirmed by the behaviour of others.

When we look at ourselves deep in the core and if we see anything but divinity then we are running with scissors metaphorically.

When we see ourselves as less than everyone else we lose our purpose and life’s meaning, we can lose direction and mis use our frequency.

When our internal dialogue is met with reassurance we could become anyone’s pet. To follow around and attend to until all their needs are met.

But to be thrown away like a unwanted object the very next day.

when we see through the ficcard of our own misinterpreted disillusion we can begin to under the consequence of such action.

Knowing, wanting and being more than just seen, to be heard, felt and recieved will be more rewarding than a fleeting memory or moment that we feel bliss.

Constantly chasing the dragon of approval who do you see when you look in the mirror? A person ? A human? Or something else completely different? Do you see your memories ? Your mistakes? Your happiness? Divine grace?

If being human is an illusion then where do we fit in the social construct of Man. If he was the first being to exist then where do I fit in this misinformative jungle of confusion.

We are told that angels are real and that God doesn’t exist that the bible is a book a story of fables passed down through generations to inforce social and political construct on fairytales.

When we look at ourselves and see the accumulative dissonance where do we sit in the subatomic frequencies of man? Do you sit on the sidelines and go along with the plan? Or do you direct your energy like a transaction game? Or act it out through the mundane ?

Tomorrow is a mystery and today is a test. Do you put what you learnt on the back burner or have you risen above the rest? … the negative voices of those who say they love you. Telling you are not good enough and you’re better off dead. It’s just about enough to fuck with anyone’s head.

As I sit back and watch the hands of time pass by I see my reflection staring back at me. It’s dark and dreary and holding on to the power I’d given my enemies. The words, the feelings the labels they’d place on me when all I ever wanted was to be free.

To sit and stand and rise in my own subconscious power to understand my purpose and watch myself flower. To grow and change and evolve like the waves of time to go beyond the void that had imprisoned me inside.