You are like a cold glass of water on a hot summers day… my soul aches and my heart slows down everytime I feel you move away…When I hear your voice no matter what frequency I know you come from divine grace… what I didn’t like about you was what…

Defending your Worth

Self love can appear messy when you are trying to circumnavigate your inner world. When you are trying to set up healthy boundaries for youself, after putting your own emotions to the side for many years. It can be challenging to know when to assert yourself and when to stay…

The Love Freq-(uency)

The Love FrequencyWritten by Natalie Seawolf Bringing in the frequency of love was difficult when I was unaware of what and how love looked like. According the book written in 1992, by Gary Chapman, The 5 languages of love are shown through acts of kindness, giving, receiving, affection and quality…

Internal Compass

I believe a lot of what creates our reality is where we focus our energy. If we focus our energy on fear based paradigms that is what we receive. If we shift it to faith based paradigms we receive positive outcomes within our reality.Focusing my energy towards healing and creating…

Shifting Perspective

A dynamic shift occurred within me which allowed me the space to recreate myself and gain a new perspective on things. For over 7 years I felt like I was clinging to narrow threads of joy. Hoping one day everything would slow down and make sense. Flicking back and forth…

Finding peace in patience

Mental Health
A common theme in my life is people telling me to have patience. In a full-speed, whirl-wind reality that had become the norm to me how on earth would I learn to slow down and “stop and smell the roses”. I was an excitable and passionate young lady heading full…


Fear and anxiety arise when I spend too much time thinking about the past or the future. It can be hard at times to comprehend this emotion and where it is coming from as it can seem to appear out of nowhere or seemingly get trigger from the smallest mundane…