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Chaos Angels


100 in stock

Category: Art
Tags: akashik art, art, artwork, creative art, esoteric art, healing, healing artwotk, high vibrational artwork, spiritual art, violet flames artwork, violet pattern artwork

Each artwork was created at a time where I was searching for answers within the universe.

Each unique artwork has it’s own vibrational frequency signature that is resonating in a harmonious level to achieve colour healing.

These artworks available for instant download to be purchased and printed either at home or at your local Printers, they can be printed onto a variety of surfaces including paper, canvas.

Each artwork is unique and offers the viewer a unique experience. Captivating colours that jump out of the artwork. The patterns were all drawn by hand intuitively by Natalie and her connection to higher consciousness.

Each image has a combination of hand painted and drawn artwork that has been digitally edited to create vibrant colours and patterns. Each work was created with the intention of connection, healing and spiritual growth. Igniting the colour receptors in your brain to trigger a sense of oneness with the Universe.

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